How to Attain Water Quality Goals

  1. Require enforceable pollution reduction measures through numeric pollution caps.

  2. Protect high-quality and good-quality streams, and our drinking water sources, through zoning, planning, and regulatory changes reflecting the best science and technology. Protect and enhance forests, forested stream buffers, and wetlands.

  3. Restore degraded streams through measurable, enforceable goals applied on a comprehensive, watershed-wide approach, starting at the headwaters and upland of the stream itself.

  4. Increase the level and frequency of public involvement and notification in the County’s stormwater permit program development decisions, and in project implementation.

  5. Require enforceable duties of County agencies who have stormwater responsibilities to reduce fragmentation and increase accountability and transparency.

  6. Increase program funding while sending a “price incentive” for more-protective stormwater measures through broadening use of the County’s Water Quality Protection Charge (WQPC). Educate the public about the importance of the WQPC.